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Chinese Motorized Pergola Pavilion Aluminium Outdoor Waterproof Metal Gazebo

Chinese Motorized Pergola Pavilion Aluminium Outdoor Waterproof Metal Gazebo

Product number:CXD2021-662
Product Origin:Guangzhou, China
Payment:T/T, L/C etc.
Application:Commercial And Residential
Sample:Can be offered
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In the past 12 years, chenxiaodou company has been providing high quality and low price outdoor sunshade products to customers all over the world, allowing customers to get close to nature and enjoy happy time with family and friends.
So far, more than 10,000 customers have chosen our high-quality and creative outdoor sunshade products. How about you, will you also choose us and join us?

Chenxiaodou outdoor sunshade products

Why Choose Us

1). 12 years production experience in outdoor sunshade products2). 10000+ square workshop, 3 professional production lines
3). 15 patent certificates,3 CE certificates4). Prime choice from more than 100 countries
5). 10%-50% competitive price than others supplier6). Well-known outdoor equipment supplier in China
7). OEM/ODM Service Offered8). 100% payment security
9). 100% Calibration before shipment10). Well-trained & Passionate team

The Kind Of Pergola

According to the operation mode, chenxiaodou's pergola can be divided into manual pergola and electric pergola.
The manual version is cheaper than the electric version.

Manual pergola : Manual rocker, easy to operate.
Electric pergola : One-click control, free to open and close.

The Size Of Pergola

Our most popular aluminum louvered pergola roof system model is CXD2021 Pergola Kits series. There are 4 standard sizes, including 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m and even 6x4m.Their standard height is 2.5 meters. ( 10x10ft, 10x13ft, 13x13ft and even 20x13ft )
In fact, we can manufacture pergolas of any size! We customize the size for you without any additional cost. Just call us and we will create drawings for you to view and edit.

The Material Of Pergola

Material Of Pergola

Chenxiaodou's pergola uses high-quality aluminum alloy 6005 T5 material. It's light enough to handle high winds, rain and even snow. At the same time, aluminum's excellent rust resistance makes it ideal for delicate environments and modern gardens.

  • Rianfall Intensity: 0.04-0.05L/S/m2
  • Snow Load: UP to 120kg/m2
  • Win Resistance: UP to 100km/h for closed blades

Standard Color Options Of Pergola

Standard Color Options Of Pergola

White and dark grey are the standard colors of our aluminum pergola products. But chenxiaodou can also customize other colors according to customer needs. "Chinese Motorized Pergola Pavilion Aluminium Outdoor Waterproof Metal Gazebo" can be customized with the following colors:Yellow Grey,Quartz Grey,Signal White,Pure White,Signal White,White Aluminum,Anthracite Brey,Basalt Grey and Grey Beige.

Design Options

Design Options Of Pergola

Usually, our standard pergola kits are installed freestanding. But for customized pergola, we can provide Free Standing&Wall Mounted, Wall Hanging,Free Standing,Double Con Post Central and Wall Mounted multiple installation methods to meet customer needs.
No matter what pergola you order, we have installation instructions and installation videos for DIY-loving customers.

Application Cases Of Pergolas

Customer Reviews

The Reviews of "Chinese Motorized Pergola Pavilion Aluminium Outdoor Waterproof Metal Gazebo"
  • 1 . Krisshna Kumar: lovely products. We are very happy with in time delivery and explanation as well as product quality. We are sure we will order more soon. Thabk you.
  • 2 . Vijay Kaushal: Great products that meet my expectations and were fully satisfied in their appearance and style.
  • 3 . Niko Nikothomas: The transaction was carried out in a very professional manner, very satisfied with the on time delivery and the materials. Very good quality!
  • 4 . Chee Kain Tan: Love working with this company. Very professional and very nice quality.
  • 5 . Fiq Firham: Chloe is really reliable and answers my concerns about the product very well. Thank you for your hardwork.
  • 6 . Aslı Püskül: Good Quality and will order again.
  • 7 . Sam Khoo: It’s exactly what they are promoting. Chloe was super friendly and always there to answer questions. PROS - Love the grip along the side, however if youre someone that has high attention to detail like me, wasnt a fan of the excess plastic along th
  • 8 . Yacine Boutria: Nice appearance and light material that is strong and good. Overall a very good impression of the product
  • 9 . Rosane Sousa: The service attitude is very good, I have been purchasing, the product quality is very good, very supportive! Thanks!
  • 10 . Dimas Saputra: Everything was perfect, agent was so helpful and always follow-up if i received, very satisfied on my order more orders for this seller🙏

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